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Create database after right clicking on “Databases” node. It will create the entity along with the connection string to be put on Web. Controller and view can be added as described previously. Also, we have setup the project and all related details.Enter database name “Online_Shopping” and click “OK” button, a new database will be created for you. Create a model “Product Detail” that will contain the product properties and validations. In coming sections we will cover features related to end user i.e.Thanks for choosing Dev Express for your software development needs.

You can easily integrate your MVC Shopping Store Application with Paypal following a step by step approach.Select application type : – Empty or Internet Application If you choose “Empty”, no controllers and actions are created.If you choose “Internet”, default MVC application is created along with Account and Home Controller. Controller receives the request through the browser via the route tables defined in the application.If you're a Visual Studio developer, you can also download End-User documentation that you can easily integrate into and ship with your applications.Each installation contains two CHM and two PDF files that describe end-user capabilities in Win Forms and ASP. You are free to download these files and distribute them to your end-users. has the right to change or remove these resources without notice.

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