Not sedating

Oral sedation can be safe when kept within the recommended dose for the child's age and weight.

Most dentists can administer minimal sedation (such as nitrous oxide or pills).

Does the thought of having your teeth cleaned make your entire body tense with fear?

Would you rather endure the agony of a toothache than step foot in a dentist's office? A lot of people are so phobic about going to the dentist that they prefer not to have any treatment.

An increasing number of dentists can give moderate sedation.

However, only a small percentage of dentists who have completed the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) program in deep sedation and general anesthesia can use these more complex techniques.

It's important to make sure that your dentist is trained and qualified to administer the type of sedation you will be receiving.

Antihistamines are a class of agents that block histamine release from histamine-1 receptors and are mostly used to treat allergies or cold and flu symptoms, although some first-generation antihistamines may also be used for other conditions.

Patients are usually awake with the exception of those who are under general anesthesia.

These dentists are typically oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dentist anesthesiologists.

Some dentists use a dentist anesthesiologist, who is specially trained to give all levels of sedation and anesthesia to both children and adults.

Nitrous oxide tends to be safe in children, and just about any dentist can administer it.

A smaller percentage of pediatric dentists are trained to give children oral sedation.

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