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Wolf-Peter Funk writes (New Testament Apocrypha, vol. 697): "one of the few significant theological features of this document must be the function assigned to the figure of God the Father from Dan. The 'old man' enthroned in the sevent heaven evidently embodies the Creator, downgraded in gnostic eyes, who attempts to prevent any further ascent, but is powerless in the face of the gnostic's proof of identity (here 'the sign'). That it comes from gnostic circles with a typical anti-Jewish bias seems assured by the negative view of the deity in the seventh heaven.To see here an expression of 'anti-Jewish tendency' is probably to go too far; rather this concept seems to be based on a very simple and indeed natural gnostic interpretation of the peaceful handing-over of power from Dan. The portrayal of Paul as exalted even above the other apostles is at home in second-century Gnosticism, especially Valentinianism, and, according to Irenaeus (Haer.II.30.7), there was a gnostic tradition of interpreting Paul's experience in 2 Co 12:2-4. Paul demands any later date than the second century for its composition. Parrott, write: "For purposes of analysis, the contents of Apoc.Original language, place and time of origin: it is generally assumed that - as with almost all other texts of the oldest Coptic tradition - the version of Apoc. extant in NHC V is a translation from the Greek; there are however no sure indications of this in the text. Paul may be divided into three distinct episodes: an epiphany scene, a scene of judgment and punishment, and a heavenly journey." (The Nag Hammadi Library in English, p.

In American Wedding, while both in the process of trying to win the affection of Michelle's sister Cadence, the two rivals switch roles briefly after Stifler overhears a conversation detailing Cadence's preference for "nice guys." This seems to backfire after Cadence declares that she's sick of dating nice guys, and Finch switches tactics to mimic Stifler's usual bad-boy ways.

Every marriage agency owner is an experienced matchmaker and takes pride in introducing their beautiful Russian women to men from different countries.

They meet in person with each lady to interview her and to verify her identity with passport.

Cadence finds out about the double ruse, and appears to choose Stifler when all is said and done.

Though he has "won," Stifler is still aggravated by Finch's grace in defeat.

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