Puritan dating rituals

Here are seven strange practices of colonial funerals that faded away: Early colonists carried the body of the deceased all the way from the funeral service to the graveyard.The older, more respected members of the community often found that a long way to carry a heavy coffin. The younger men of the community would be assigned as under bearers to carry the bier on which the coffin rested.

So concerned were the earliest colonists with appearing to be Papists, they conducted minimalist funerals that could not be confused with the Catholic ceremonies. Instead, the body would be silently conducted to the graveyard.Once he has stated his intentions and feelings for her to them and they approve, at the right time he can approach her about it, noting that He has the intention to see if they have the possibily of commiting to each other on higher level of commitment.The entire relationship is based on THAT direction, guided by trusted friends and family.In a courtship you understand that there is a purpose.In dating you often get emotionally attached before you have even talked about your feelings; then often you get hurt. A guy who really wants a girl just for the fun and to hang out won't be one of the guys that talks to you dad and pastor to see what they think.

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