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Wylie often paints through the filter of memory and impression, using text to enhance facts and recollections and editing images by overlaying new pieces of canvas over images, like a collage.

At times, the compositions of her paintings are informed by cinematic techniques, whether the multiple headshots of , which take in a panoramic and close-up shot of the same scene.

Listen to Rose Wylie in conversation with comedian Stewart Lee on BBC Radio 4.I was just wondering how a girl can be as caring as she was.Her selfless attitude, innocent smile and that blue dress ;) made me fall for her.Instilled with wit, Wylie’s paintings are confident, animated and energetic, proposing new perspectives on the world and the plethora of images that make up our collective cultural memory.was accompanied by a publication featuring new texts by Serpentine Exhibitions Curator Melissa Blanchflower, writer Barry Schwabsky and artists Tal R, Alvaro Barrington and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

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    But there’s also another level, on which you learn about yourself and your needs and wants and get to be part of someone else’s learning curve, too.