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Return to the cabbages and give them the partyhats.Afterwards, Crispy the Cabbage will explain the cabbages are magical beings, and if there is a problem then there is a problem "behind sceneries" and will get into your backpack.Finally, use the life rune on it to turn it into a cabbagespeak amulet.With the amulet equipped, go back to the cabbage patch and speak to Crispy the Cabbage.Use the rock on the wall to the west to hear a grinding sound.Search under the table to get an orange, and eat it to get a small key.A very small glimmer of light will occasionally flash on the screen, giving the player a hint as to what to do next.

Once you find the correct location you will be transported to The Black Hole.

Return to the Gower Brothers to get a disk of returning, which needs to be used in the Dwarven Mine, north of Falador.

Once in the Dwarven Mine, use the disk of returning to scan and follow the direction.

Go into the Central Bank Portal and speak to Claire Hick in the centre of the room where you will find the first problem to overcome.

Next head to the back of the bank and speak to Ernie the guard to find the second problem.

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