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It is not known whether Merovech, after whom the dynasty was named, was a purely mythical figure or if there is some factual basis for his existence.

If he did exist, his precise ancestry is not known.

The documents known collectively as the Chronicle of Fredegar provide a comparable level of genealogical detail for the Merovingian rulers until the mid-7th century, although as with other sources the narrative dealing with the earlier years appears based almost exclusively on Gregory's work.

This absence of information about the later kings is so marked that the relationships between two of them, Clotaire IV and Childerich III, and the main royal line is entirely speculative.As will be seen below, little supplementary information concerning the early generations is provided by other near contemporary sources, and all subsequent chroniclers appear to have used Gregory as their primary source.Gregory was well-informed about contemporary political events and the lives of members of the ruling family.There is no direct reference to the dating of the invasion, but it presumably took place during the first half of the 5th century.The Liber Histori Francorum names "Faramundo rege, Chlodionem filium eius" when recording that he succeeded his father, in a later passage stating that he reigned for 20 years (-[451/57]).

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