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Basingstoke electrician Pete Staples is none other than the bass player of the 1960's supergroup 'The Troggs', most famous for their hit 'Wild Thing', and more recently 'Love is all Around' featured in the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', and also covered by R. With 0-100mph in under 5seconds and 3G cornering, it claimed the fastest laptime on Top Gear at 1' 10.1", trashing all its closest rivals, the likes of Ferrari, Maserati and Zonda, by around eight seconds.

Click for some early spy camera footage of a road test around Basingstoke.

In a new twist to the Baghstoke saga, De La Rue's factory in Basingstoke was chosen to print all the post Saddam Iraqi currency 'the New Iraqi Dinar'.

In case anyone decided to 'nuke' Basingstoke, there was a nuclear bunker located under this town centre building. (Bilton Road) roundabout, was built with a novel oval shape to ease the traffic flow along what was the main trunk road between London and Southampton (equivalent of today's M3).

) greet visitors to a local graveyard; the gates actually represent the daily passage of the sun across a row of poplars (sic) (Attwood Close) Basinghdad or Baghstoke?

And the Top Gear lap, and Fifth Gear test on Youtube.model and actress, attended Harriet Costello school and Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke, amongst local acting roles, in 1980, she played 'Fairy Starlight' in Jack and the Beanstalk in a local Pantofor as long as I can remember (and since at least the 1970s) Mister Clappy, as he is known locally, has been daily jogging and walking the streets of Basingstoke, in all weathers, always wearing his signature trainers, baggy joggers, tucked in sweat shirt, baseball cap and a pair of industrial or gardening gloves, always clapping and shouting at the traffic.

He disappeared for a few years and reappeared, much less animated in 2005.

Unfortunately the shop was burnt down in 'The Great Fire of Basingstoke' in 1905. was in charge of the footballs at the 1966 World Cup final when England beat Germany 4 2. " This is wonderfully written and very funny tale about the cherry brandy loving Trelawney Hart, debunker of Victorian psychics, who is tasked by Arthur Doyle (he of Sherlock Holmes fame) to investigate a case.

Cyril was eye witness to the theft of the famous football, "When the whistle went it was my job to get the ball and hand it to the FIFA official. Hart persues the mystery getting into many scrapes along the way, largely caused by an over entusiasm for brandy.

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