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Well, he didnt spell it out, but legally he can But that is exactly what happened to Susan Ortega before they bumped her up to the desk! Ok Oh, honey, you know, I just dont want you to get too ahead of yourself.

From a very reliable friend of a friend of a girl whose sister is going out with a figure very high up in the government.

Its dedicated and hard-working citizens the key ingredient. And finally, the love of our families, which provides the warm chewy center making our beloved Buffalo the sweetest place to live.

Or does this cookie represent the pride of Buffalo?

You take some hardworking citizens, some caregivers, maybe a few nuts all sprinkled with the love and support of our good families.

As everyone knows, after years our beloved Pete Fineman is retiring. I have to say, I am so proud to be a part of our local community of Buffalo and I think, in a lot of ways a great city is like a great recipe.

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