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Ambedkar was the architect of the constitution, little is known about the man who penned the constitution in his own impeccable calligraphy. The original version was then signed by all the members of the Constituent Assembly in January 1950.Details Prem Behari Raizada was born in Delhi in the family of Ram Parshad (grandfather) an eminent scholar of Persian and English. Shree Prem Behari learnt calligraphy from his grandfather who brought him up along with his four brothers after his parents died. But I have one reservation, that on every page of constitution I will write my name and on the last page I will write my name along with my grandfather’s name.” His wish was granted and he started working. Photolithographed copies of it were then made at the office of the Survey of India in Dehra Dun. The president of the Constituent Assembly seems to have affixed his signatures after all the other members had signed.The art work lavished on it was by one of our most eminent painters, Nandalal Bose. Nobody seems to have thought of leaving a special place for him, and so he has signed his name in the space next to the list of languages.Each page had a frame and at the beginning of each part of the Constitution, Nandalal Bose had depicted some scene from our national experience. He has also signed in two languages, first in Devanagari and then in the Roman script.The first to sign appears to have been Jawaharlal Nehru. For some unexplained reason the first page has a preponderance of Constitution-makers from the South — B.

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Even the decorations used for the borders exemplify in the Santiniketan style.

There are 11 pages of signatures which begin immediately below the list of languages in the Eighth Schedule. Ramaswamy Reddy, Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer, Ammu Swaminathan, T.

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