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For the past three years, they have been leading a .2-million research project on the sexual behavior of Columbia undergraduates.The project is called , which stands for the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation.

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Either idea can be controversial, and focussing on contributing factors, such as drinking, rather than just on the bad acts of perpetrators, can seem beside the point.I got to thinking about this—and picturing my college self as a sort of avatar in an extended risk simulation—after talking with Jennifer Hirsch and Claude Ann Mellins, at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, in Washington Heights, on a biting, windy day last December.Hirsch, an anthropologist, and Mellins, a clinical psychologist, are Columbia professors.Both women are in their fifties, have shoulder-length brown hair, and grew up in Jewish families in Manhattan.They share a sharp, maternal pragmatism—between them, they have five sons, ranging in age from fifteen to twenty-three.

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