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Bono reaches out to her on the screen but she slips away, out of his grasp, to the stars.It is a deeply moving glimpse into the heart of an artist, delving plaintively into the past.

It remains uniquely powerful, and the lyric “a heart that is broken, is a heart that is open” speaks to Bono’s conviction that his mother’s tragic, early death made him that artist.

‘Until The End Of the World’ again relies on familiar visual tricks a giant Bono spitting over the Edge – which delivered some of the most memorable shots from the earlier tour – with the screen finally dissolving into a Hokusai series of waves that wash away his Cedarwood Road memories.

We then get a new anime movie that details how the band escaped the clutches of a bored youth with help of the devil and his tunes.

Our man in Tulsa: Pat Carty According to designer Willie Williams, and The Edge, and everyone else who was talking in Tulsa over the past few days, the e XPERIENCE i NNOCENCE tour was initially supposed to follow promptly on the heels of i NNOCENCE e XPERIENCE jaunt, or even be part of the same bill.

It’s no surprise, then, to see the familiar catwalk set-up running the length of the 20,000 seat BOK arena here in Tulsa, with the main stage at one end and the “b” stage at the other.

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