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They are full of crap, I enrolled with OTA 3 years ago.

I attended the free seminar and then paid 0 for the full day "core strategy" class at the Chicago OTA franchise. Under the assumption I would be able to make a nice living out of trading, I signed up for the classes and paid ,000 in tuition fees. It is painful for me to realize I believed the OTA message of great quality of life and high income. They really don't care about your success as a trader. one more thing to share they are all bunch of cheaters acting as students or free seminar participants and the presenter at free seminar will always share some sad story about how his financial conditions did'nt allowed him to treat his or her wife or daughter and then he found ota by using their core strategy how he overcome his financial crisis and how his bank account got multiplied by 10 times 20 times but i doubt his bank balance before ota would be ian decimals i request everyone not to attend their free seminar their strategy does not work in stock market people who give positive review are their sales agents .

A special mention must go to Pearl or Opal or Gem...can't remember her name but she is the 'finance' person. Not sure their selling techniques are even legal particularly their financing over promising. Had a cursory look at their accounts and they have filed losses amounting to over £2m during the last few years. Their XLT online future classes used to have 800 students in the same virtual room - a disaster if you want to have your questions answered. ,000 is a ton of money to just throw away, let alone ,000 They only talk about making money and very rarely will say anything about losing.

What an absolutely rude, unhelpful and utterly ridiculous consumer facing employee. Maybe the company itself should practice what it preaches and trade those very substantial losses away. I should have done my own research before signing up with OTA and spending close to K in tuition fees. OTA is so desperate these days that they are even teaching people how to make money in real estate. But, check this out - the first week of 2018 this number is down to 400. Little by little people are realizing that OTA is a SCAM. You can get all this information from doing your own research.

I was constantly bombarded with calls and emails prior to the 3 day event. I have been with OTA for 3 long years..can testify that OTA's patent "supply & demand" strategy is weak and does not bring the desired results. The student make the difference not the school, if you are soley relying on this place to get rich and not put in the time to practice and learn the indicators and market movments and just simply try to use the supply and demand technique you will not do very well.

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He send me a income planner and i have to give all my personal information.

The director and presenter give some sad stories of their why.

If they are making all this money trading what are they doing working 9 to 5 on a friday, saturday and sunday. So you are selling me something that is boring and will set me free, while you work weekends.

I was also grilled by my newly assigned 'counsellor/coach' (they couldn't even make up their mind as to what they were called. OTA is just a steping stone for people who want to be edcuated. If you say that their patented supply and demand strategy is flawed. I personally wanted to see first hand how their strategy is ??

Let's call them sales prevention officers for the time being. To make money in the market as a retail trader, it is a necessary a tremendous amount of market knowledge and deep understanding of technical indicators, which is not even discussed in OTA forums. every one is different, but by all means i am not being paid! My email : [email protected]This is totally a scam. The 3 day workshop is 95% a sales pitch to sell you on their classes, which by the way are higher than a 4 year degree. (and of course they tell you that if you sign up today you can get it at their wholesale price) I was waiting for that one.....

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