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Marr (known as Jimmy), who was in fact the Managing Director of 'Laing's'. Hopefully soon the entire work may grace these pages.

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Despite the booming property market in London and the average price tag in the capital standing at around £459,000, the 10 places where people reported the lowest levels of satisfaction with where they live were all situated within the capital.At a site previously 'tenanted' by William Havelock. The University of Newcastle's 'Sine' project offers a print of the 'Laing' yard at Deptford in the period of 1825 to 1835. The vacated 'Bridge Dock' was later, it would seem, occupied by Mr. In the 1881 Census, I read that James was living at Thornhill Hall, Bishopwearmouth, with his wife, four sons, five daughters, & fourteen servants (14 more than I have! It depicted thousands of men (&some women) outside the Police Station & Magistrates Court in Sunderland, in an image which included an Empire Cinema poster with the date of Feb. The vendor indicated that it possibly related to a strike or protest meeting against unemployment as there was a depression in shipbuilding at that time. 12, 1908, Sunderland Town Councilcut off the electricity supplyto the shipbuilding yard of Sir James Laing as it owed them over 2,000.That site would seem to be a site located on the north bank of River Wear roughly 600 yards east of the (later) Queen Alexandra Bridge. Philip Laing continued on his own at Deptford, on the tip of the 'peninsula' of Deptford, upstream of the iron bridge & on the S. At a site said to be next to Howard's yard but also said to have been previously occupied by Mr. Indeed, I understand that Philip built himself a house on the Deptford site, & lived there, perhaps in 'Deptford House'. George Hall or maybe by Messrs Hall (in 1852, I think), & then by George Peverall, & later still (1880) by Robert Thompson & Sons. Laing's was soon afterdeclared bankrupt, creating more unemployment. laterthat month,300 soldiers were drafted into Sunderland at the request of the Town Council because of rioting.They purchased an old man-of-war, one of those "Leviathans," taken during the last war with the Dutch, and after cutting away all her superfluous timbers, converted her into a very useful floating dock for the repair of vessels.' On May 12, 1818, the John & Philip Laing partnership ended. I read that 3 of his sons worked at the Deptford yard. 19, 1860 (Queen Victoria being its first ship) & later filled in to make way for a fitting out quay (the dock gates apparently can be still seen to-day) and also (likely through 1818) a dry dock known as 'Cornhill' on the north bank of the river next to the Robert Thompson yard.John, then 64 years of age, left the partnership & set up a shipbuilding business (1818/c1830) at Southwick with his son James. James, it would seem, was the offspring of a second marriage for Philip? James was Chairman of the River Wear Commission for 32 years & a Director of the Suez Canal Company. 'Cornhill' dry dock continued to exist long after 1818 & is visible in an 1898 Ordnance Survey Map of Southwick Urban District. A most interesting postcard image was provided to the webmaster in Aug. Which image you can see in black & white here and in its original sepia here.

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