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After she replies to your icebreaker, you mission is to keep the conversation rolling towards a date.A typical message exchange will be these steps repeated in sequence until you feel like she’s ready to say “yes” to moving things offline: Treat every message like an opportunity to showcase a positive quality or trait of yours.If she’s doing a cartwheel on the beach, you can go with a more lighthearted or funny first message.When your first message is in line with her personality, she’s more likely to feel an emotional connection right off the bat.

That’s why this message will work for just about anyone: If you’re on a dating site with a keyword search feature , you can search user profiles who meet your basic criteria for certain keywords (like “skiing,” “travel,” or “animal lover” in the examples above).You’ll see some examples coming up, and you’ll find even more in this article.The first message you send can make or break your chances of getting a date or her number.If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl online, you’re in for a frustrating experience.You’re not going to meet any high quality matches if you can’t even get the conversation off the ground, right? Hire someone to handle all the back-and-forth messaging for you, which practically guarantees you’ll meet the best local singles. Scroll through her photos to get a feel for how she presents herself online.

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