Taylor momsen dating marilyn manson joe nichols is dating playboy model

The heels she wears are probably 2-3 inches making her probably in the 5'5-5'6 range.

Explain why some tall even people have tiny feet yet some short people have some giant feet for their height? And it is very well possible to be a working successful model under 5'9, but only for hobby/petite/etc modeling. Yes she does photoshoots, she does campaigns but she is no way a HIGH FASHION RUNWAY MODEL or a model that people book for their Harper's Bazaar fashion spread, unless they are doing an interview on her. There isn't much of a height different, there is but it's not significant. I think her height on here is correct, maybe 5'7...

American Actress best known for appearing in TV series Gossip Girl and Singer from band The Pretty Reckless.

She mentioned her height in FHM, saying "I love stripper shoes and I always try to find the tallest ones......

But this doesn't mean that every model listed 5'11 is shorter than 5'11. Just because Karlie's feet are only size 9 and she's 6'1 doesn't mean anything. said on 19/Jan/[email protected] d, Taylor Momsen is NOT 5'8" in her bare feet. said on 15/Jan/12I heard she is taller than taylor swift and taylor swift is at least 176cm. said on 6/Dec/11Taylor Momsen is NOT 5'8" or shorter in her bare feet. You can clearly see she is barely taller than chelsea. The only reason she models now is because of her fame as an actress.

Ask anyone who does model casting or fashion fans, it's common knowledge to know that many models taller than 5'11-6'0 are downgraded. One's of the Kennedys has size 42 feet in european or british sizes and yet she's only 5'0. Taylor has even commented on how "weird" her body is. I don't buy that she is 5'8" like she constantly says.

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