Tegan and sara dating history

A lot of the album was written when she was falling in love and having her heart broken. Do you remember the first time you actually came out and told someone, “I’m gay”? I usually just told people who I was dating, and then they would ask, “Are you gay? You don’t just go to a bar and find [someone] and socialize that way.And I was at home—I bought a place—and I was like Suzie Homemaker, settling in and bitching about my taxes and watering my plants. So I completely agreed with my mom at the time, but certainly it’s gotten easier.Here, Sara candidly tells GO about the album, her hair, and her sister’s crocodile tears.GO: The Con in many ways has a darker sound than some of your previous albums. Sara Quin: I feel like a lot of that has to do with production.We knew it would leak; I was only surprised it leaked so early.But the people who download the album early are the kind of people that are excited about music, so it doesn’t bum me out that much. I don’t know how you could have a different attitude about it these days, because if you say that it bums you out or you hate it, then people get in your face.For more about Sara, Tegan and The Con check out or myspace.com/teganandsara.

That just seems to be such an old-fashioned idea to most people; it’s kind of arcane to talk like that.

I loved working with producers John [Collins] and Dave [Carswell] on our previous albums, but they tend to have a more ’60s/’70s jangle to their sound. I think that had a huge influence on the songs we were writing and the sounds we were creating in the studio.

This time around, our demos had very organic, “found sound” instrumentation…I think we have a tendency to be dark, and we fully embraced it and didn’t let ourselves pop it up to hide the stress or tension of the original compositions.

I think that that line is maybe a watered-down way of saying that.

You’ve shared tour bills with indie-pop bands like The Killers and Hot Hot Heat, and Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla produced the album. Matt Sharp [former Weezer bassist and producer] was a big influence during the So Jealous recordings.

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