Updating bios and raid

We’re still not really sure what a salt caravan is. He visits occasionally and makes Zoro a real treat. Ryan hails from Perrysburg , OH (Ohio Turnpike Exit #64) and he might just be the nicest guy in our warehouse.His interests include: running, eating, eating even more, eating treats, asking for treats, and attempting to drag Fiona on long walks. Actually, he’s the ONLY guy in our warehouse so he’s definitely the nicest.The motivation here is clear: that crab was in the market for a crustacean vacation.Kevin now has the title of, “Passport Crab Wrestler,” because he retrieved his passport and stopped a crab from stealing his identity*Kate brings a varied and colorful range of experience to Zoro.Dinosaurs are her passion, and she has a herd of them on her desk that she is working to mentally control to do her bidding.In a past life—not literally, but figuratively—Jennifer worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and is CPR and Fire Safety Certified.Jennifer Payne is from Janesville, Wisconsin and contends that Wisconsin is the real state that looks like a mitten (take that, Michiganders).When she’s not at work, she likes to point out scientific inaccuracies of Jurassic Park and Land of the Lost.

That, and having to wear a full-body hair net was just plain embarrassing.Courtney’s wide work experience prepared him for his role, and Nature itself gifted him with the dulcet tones required to soothe the concerns of all who speak to him.It’s the kind of voice that, when you here him say “There, there” all your muscles relax and an incredible calm manifests from the depths of your very soul and all is right with the world. Fox was born smack in the middle of a 7-day cruise (the one that goes to Cancun not the good one that goes to St. Within three days, Zoro had memorized the all-you-can-eat buffet schedule and amassed a collection of 78 jumbo plastic Mai Tai glasses. Following disembarkment, Zoro settled into a happy childhood in the Chicago ’burbs.Days were spent playing with friends in the swamp behind the abandoned gas station.

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