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The Reposit product is still worth looking at depending on what extent you can use it to your advantage.Your welcome and our first one went in at the end 2009 or maybe the beginning of 2010.

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Whilst that is a good thing they have not been in Australia that long to convince me of their reliability and service. If Solaredge go broke (very few companies in this industry last) are bought out, or change their inverter technology and there is an issue with the inverter requiring a replacement inverter, it may mean each power optimiser would need to be removed in order to install a new inverter, as they are installed under the panels this is a huge job.MC electrical installed this system and they estimated during summer the output would be on average 29k W.Not true; it was certainly on average higher than this averaging 34k W with highest daily solar output of 42k W.However you can have up to 5.25k W per string so your system may have been better if wired up in 1 string of 20 panels.Solar Edge optimisers needs a minimum of 8 unshaded panels in a string to operate, so you have a 2 panel buffer per string, when if wired up with 20 panels would have given you a 12 panel buffer!

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