Updating multiple rows in gridview

If your application contains both the Document Manager and Dock Manager components, Dock Panels gain several additional features.

These are: docking hints are painted in the same style for both of the components, the Document Selector displays Dock Panels along with documents, Dock Panels have an additional option in their context menus - 'Dock as Tabbed Document'.

With this release, Xtra Charts can automatically detect the data type of series arguments.

Inspired by Microsoft One Note, the Dev Express Win Forms Radial Menu allows you to extend your applications and create contextual and quick access touch-centric interfaces for the Win Forms platform.

Inspired by Microsoft Word, Snap by Dev Express allows you to deliver an intuitive reporting solution to your end-users – one that's easy to understand and use, without the learning curve associated with traditional banded reporting tools.

The new Color Pick Edit is an advanced color editor, allowing you to pick a color from a number of palettes - a predefined color palette, Web, Web-Safe and System.

A click on the More Colors button opens a color selection dialog, where you can pick any color using the RGB or HSB color model: With this release, we have introduced a new Summary Filter that extends your ability to refine data within the pivot grid.

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