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Her interests are in the areas of database systems, especially related to web and XML technologies. Rundensteiner is a Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, after having been a faculty member at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Before that he finished his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Madras, India in 1998, his Masters in Computer Science from UCLA in 2000, and his Ph.

We show that any degree at least $g$ polynomial in descendant or tautological classes vanishes on $M_$ when $g\ge 2$.

The XML views are exported from relational databases and published, exchanged, or used as the internal representation in user applications.

Using query trees to capture the notions of selection, projection, nesting, grouping, and heterogeneous sets found throughout most XML query languages, the chapter discusses how XML views expressed using query trees can be mapped to a set of corresponding relational views.

This paper investigates the view update problem for XML views published from relational data.

We consider XML views defined in terms of mappings directed by possibly recursive DTDs compressed into DAGs and stored in relations.

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