Validating data from database php updating inside

When a new customer is added, the details about the customer is added into the table customer_details. The first one is the UID, which is auto-generated and is the primary key. Now we need to connect the database to the front end and write SQL queries so that the data entered are stored into the table and can be retrieved when required. Also, we need to populate the HTML tables from the corresponding tables in the database. For the table ‘Business Statistics’ the data shown is the data taken directly from the database.

if(isset($_POST[“submit”])) // Check if name has been entered if(empty($_POST[‘user’])) // Check if email has been entered and is valid if(empty($_POST[‘email’])) // check if a valid password has been entered if(empty($_POST[‘customer Id’])) // check id a country has been selected if($_POST[‘country’]==’ — Select — ‘)if($valid)The table customer_details contains the details of the customers. For the ‘Customer Details’ table, the data shown is the data entered.

Let’s take a look at the SQL query and the PHP code to populate the data into the line chart.

The variable dataf is used to pass the result of the query in an array format accepted by the data variable in Java Script file for the chart using Next up is the donut chart.

Create an application with Bootstrap on the front end, PHP on the back-end.

I have here used a free Bootstrap 4 admin template called Star Admin. The template has a well-written code and all the right components for me to work with.

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