Who has ray liotta dating

He played the role of Henry Hill in a movie called Goodfellas in the year, and his amazing performance won millions of hearts.

One of his best performances has been in a movie called Something Wild in the year 1986.

I've never seen one that captured so much of me.

Ray Liotta and Michelle Grace married in 1997 and divorced in 2004, but they seem to be closer than ever...

He decided to go under plastic surgery, but it did not go well.

He might have some regrets about doing so but still he looks pretty good.

She still stays over at the house, so Karsen can see us together," he said.The couple could not save their relationship and ended it in a divorce in the year 2004. He might have plans to have more children, but he is no longer with his wife now.After divorcing his wife, he started an affair with Catherine Hickland but sadly the couple separated in the year 2011.In late October, Ray and Michelle was seen traveling together, as well.The two share 17-year-old daughter Karsen, who was not with them during their retail therapy session.

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