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There are plenty of people out there modeling this type of relationship as well.Think about when Ashton Kutcher went for Demi Moore and was married to her for years.It could happen to anyone – that's why actor and activist Ashton Kutcher has taken on this cause to save other young victims. Ashton Kutcher: I have a hard time talking about this issue without being emotional. Alyssa Beck: These traffickers made me feel like I was loved. And I just knew, like I had to get out of the situation. Alyssa Beck: Whenever I'm over on this side of town, I kinda feel chills in my body. Lawanda Ravoira | President, Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center: I would describe Alyssa when I first met her as afraid. …Her experiences were some of the most violent, the most traumatic, that I've seen.Jon Cryer has been through it all in Hollywood and now he's coming out with a new tell-all, spilling lurid details on the Charlie Sheen meltdown and his own love life."In the first few years of the show Charlie was sober and he was married to Denise," Cryer tells ET's new correspondent Cameron Mathison. That's what made the meltdown all the more scary."NEWS: 9 Things to Know About ET's New Correspondent Cameron Mathison Cryer pin-pointed the exact moment when he grew concerned for his former Two and a Half Men co-star."I think for me the big indicator was getting arrested in Colorado," Cryer recalls."When that happened, I knew he was no longer sober."That arrest was in 2009 for domestic violence against Sheen's then-wife Brooke Mueller for which he pleaded guilty.

Dating sites featuring grannies are out there, and as mentioned, they are becoming quite popular.

And traffickers target troubled girls with low self-esteem -- girls like Alyssa Beck. Mac Heavener| Prosecutor: She was being forced to do it.

Beck was just a naïve 15 year old living in Jacksonville, Florida, when she found herself trapped in a sex trafficker's web. Mac Heavener: We are talking about buying and selling children for sex acts. Shannon Schott | Juvenile justice expert and lawyer: Fifty. Heather Beck: It never crossed my mind in my wildest dreams that my child was involved in human trafficking.

In other words, the granny relationship reverses this stereotype, a check mark in the ‘win’ column for women everywhere.

Men sometimes like having a more experienced woman when it comes to dating because it feels safe and exciting at the same time.

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