Who is kate thornton dating

Nowhere on the sleeve does it say you are supposed to put drugs in here but I understand the confusion...I wouldn't want anything we do to encourage people to take drugs because they aren't a solution or an answer to anything.I think the sleeve is something that will concern our readers, although it may not concern yours." The band agreed to change the artwork, while continuing to assert that Thornton had misinterpreted the meaning of both the sleeve art and the song's lyrics.Lead singer Jarvis Cocker released a statement two days later saying: "...'Sorted' is not a pro-drugs song...

She guest presented six episodes of Lorraine in 2012.He also criticised Thornton's decision to contact the father of a victim of an ecstasy-related death for a response.The Daily Mirror campaign continued, publishing their readers' response to a poll to have the song itself banned.As well as presenting, Thornton was also the writer of the radio documentary From Band to Brand in 2004, and the creator of the radio series Line of Enquiry, inviting an audience to put questions to a number of celebrities, which began in 2007.Since 2014, Thornton has presented Paper Cuts, a radio series for BBC Radio 2.

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