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Slade earned a brown belt in Gosoku-ryu karate at age 11. Actors: Victor Wong, Max Elliott Slade, Sean Fox, J. Max Elliott Slade as Colt is sooooo hot and adoreable, you can't help it but just love him.The Growth number corresponding to this first name is 11.

First came 3 Ninjas (1992), then 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up which was shot back to back with the first movie (also 1992) though not released until 1995, then 3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994) which is actually the 3rd installment of the official triology.

Other things I liked about this movie are the character developments and the brief insight of the japanese culture regarding sight seeing.

As for the characters, the 3 Ninjas act more grown up with the exception of Tum Tum and the main villain's goons aren't quite as dumbed down as was in the first two movies. Oh, if you are a fan of the 3 Ninjas films then you may want to stay clear of the fourth installment with Hulk Hogan.

In 1995, he reprised his role as Jeffrey Colt Douglas in 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up.

Although, the film was shot before Kick Back started production. Afterwards, he played Mark in the direct-to-TV film The Sweeper.

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