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Appearing as a minor character when the series began, Gibby is among the main trio's friend and schoolmate and a frequent Butt-Monkey guest in the webshow.

As the show progressed, he was slowly developed to be one of the gang's most loyal friends and a usual sidekick to Carly's eccentric big brother Spencer.

Carly: [insistently] I just want you to be happy...

I just said she didn't tell me to come find you Sam: Good!

This episode is counted as a special, even though it's a regular length episode.

Carly: But your webshow can smell like this webshow...

Carly: [To Brad] And Sam doesn't give out a lot of compliments Freddie: Usually it's insults followed by beatings Sam: Hey! Freddie: [Puzzled] You're asking if you can help us?

This episode completely changes the relationship between Sam and Freddie, as she kisses him unexpectedly, revealing that she's in love with him, although she is not sure at the time if he returns the feelings. Freddie uses a Mood Reader app on his Pear Pad that he, i Carly's new intern, Brad, and Sam made for their project (called Mood Face).

It reveals that Sam is in love, but it does not specify with whom.

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