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A high school football star who takes CBD oil to control his seizures is willing to switch to another medication if it will clear the way to play for a top NCAA school ... "He wants to play," Curtis Harris tells TMZ Sports ... has said the CBD oil -- which contains THC -- helps keep his seizures at bay and he hasn't had an episode since January 2017. J.'s medication will not be a problem if any other program is interested in his son.

But, various reports say the former mogul is bouncing back from bankruptcy, which he filed for in 2012.

magazine a few years ago about his troubling financial history. If he hadn’t had that happen, he would have been fine.” He also filed corporate bankruptcy the following year for his company, Chrisley Asset Management.

For someone who claimed to spend 0,000 a year on clothes alone in Season 1 promos, it was a major blow.

White responded to the outrage by reposting tweets from his loyal followers whose sentiments he apparently shared, but maybe he was too afraid to express.

In case anyone confused his “retweets” for his own thoughts, White repeatedly tweeted this disclaimer: But in reality the retweets must have equaled his opinion or he wouldn’t have taken the time to retweet them.

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