Who was amy winehouse dating when she died

And she shocked a journalist from Spin magazine by carving “I love Blake” on her abdomen with a shard of mirror during an interview.Of course by then, the two were well acquainted with the steep physical toll their love could take.While accepting the statuette for album of the year, Winehouse gave her imprisoned spouse an unforgettable and widely lampooned shout-out: “This is to my mum and dad—and for my Blake incarcerated!”Later in 2008, when Fielder-Civil was admitted to a prison hospital following a suspected heroin overdose, Winehouse appeared in public with a tiny teardrop drawn in eyeliner beneath her left eye.Earlier this month, Fielder-Civil’s fiancée, Sarah Aspin, who gave birth to his child earlier this year, accused Winehouse of attempting to win back the affections of her ex-husband via smart phone.

Fans mourned with their wallets, sending Winehouse’s breakthrough 2006 album, to the top of the i Tunes chart.

In 2007, Fielder-Civil and Winehouse were involved in a violent altercation at London’s chic Sanderson Hotel that left them covered with blood and bruises.

(Winehouse denied her husband had roughed her up, insisting that her injuries were self-inflicted.)Speaking to The Times of London, Winehouse’s father, Mitch, recalled Fielder-Civil’s rationale for the pair’s self-mutilating ways.

After being informed by prison officials of Winehouse’s death, he told The Sun newspaper: “I’m beyond inconsolable..tears will never dry.”Fielder-Civil’s remarks barely begin to hint at the violent, co-dependent nature of his relationship with Winehouse.

Over the last half-dozen years, the two carried on what was arguably popular culture’s bloodiest, druggiest, least predictable, and most volatile love affair.

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