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If you have not seen the app launcher, I would describe the panel as simply a horizontal Stack Panel that infinitely cycles its children.

I had some extra time this weekend, so I refactored one of my early looping panels into something that might be useful for a wider audience.

List Box was fine to have a collection of controls. Conclusion The example I describe here is very simple.

The goal was to show the process of creating a dialog thinking in the “MVVM” way.

My primary objective when I create a new dialog is to keep the code-behind empty.

Dispatcher Timer timer = new Dispatcher Timer(); ...

I’m still playing with MVVM at work and I got a new occasion to setup a dialog using the MVVM methodology.

I really love the process of creating User Interface using MVVM, the process is so much natural !

Microsoft Surface was first publicly unveiled a couple of years ago.

Since then, I have periodically been asked how one would go about creating a panel that behaves like the application launcher in Surface.

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