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Sign up and start medical dating today – this doctor dating made easy!Find My Match To meet more professional singles online and find the great uniform partners online, this doctor dating website can give you a safe and effective community to date and meet.The Best Motivator Dating a doctor is a huge motivator for me.I mean, seriously, it’s hard for me to complain about my job when my boyfriend is working 100 hour work weeks and dealing with life-or-death emergencies.On the bright side, it makes our time together more valuable.

I couldn’t believe that these women went out of their way to study in the medicine library (the other end of campus) for the blind chance that, perhaps, a med student might take notice of them. The average debt of a med school graduate is about 160,000 USD, which normally takes up to 30 years to pay off and consequentially amounts to around 400,000 USD of total debt with accrued interest added in. While doctors start off with 6 figures right off the bat, they also have 6 figures of debt under their belt.

He’ll often tell me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound, blood test, or some other procedure.

So even though I live with a doctor, I still have to go see a doctor.

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I remember being at some random party in university, holding a beer and looking at the throngs of people around me who were drunk and stumbling. Everyone Thinks You’re Rich Oh, if only I had a dollar every time someone said this to me.

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