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" You can download the free app and be in person meeting someone new, literally within the hour. But, by using one step to connect your information on JONES we help you create a profile easily and quickly without any time consuming hassle and it helps us make sure you are who you say you are.

3--Show up and check in to let JONES know you arrived. ---JONES sets the plan for you meet someone new in person, in a fun, safe public setting.---And once you arrive, you check in—so we know you’re there. ---Connecting you anytime, anywhere, each and every day with interesting people nearby who don’t want to sit on their phones all day, they actually want to go out and have fun with new people NOW.

4—Relax and enjoy meeting someone new RIGHT NOW in a safe fun environment. JONES is a free app that takes dating and socializing, to a whole new level.

Burgatory turned to Nowait for help and now the wait is no longer a problem.

When you know before you go, you’re always prepared and can make the most of your time.“I was a bit concerned that there’d be a lengthy wait, but I checked the Nowait app, and to my surprise, it said there was no wait (what?!?

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