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Matchmaker joins to discuss the Post-Traumatic Singles Awareness Day aka the day after Valentine's Day and how singles can make a match offline or online.Plus headlines of the week including Drew Barrymore's dating site,...

Plus, Textpert App questions, including how to make a move on Instagram and what to do with your boyfriend after you’ve found someone bet Jonathan & David Bennett, dating coaches for shorter man from The Popular discuss the challenges of dating when you’re height doesn’t quite "measure up." - Plus Textpert App questions like Who should pay on the first date A woman dates on Tinder with a BIG secret, old fashioned dating advice we should pay attention to today, and new statistics on divorce.

Rachel True, Actress & Tarot Reader, shares methods for mindfulness and attracting your ideal match in 2018.

Headlines include a genetic based dating app, celebrity breakups of 2017, and how the tax code changes effect alimony payments. Julie Spira, Cyberdatingexpert.com, gives tips on how to amp up romance and get your dating strategy straight for peak dating season.

Headlines include Match.com's Singles in America Study, Lady Gaga's lover, Dane Cook's...

Cheyenne Bostock, dating expert for women, discusses the power of being single and gives tips on how to prepare yourself for the love you want.

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