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A mixture of numerous recent corporate events, cheap Romanian cigarettes and the resulting tight walking trousers meant I opted for the second option.‘, set off from Two Crosses at 5.30am on what was promising to be a glorious Dartmoor day.After a short distance the village of Widecombe came into view, still lightly shrouded in mist the small village below began to shows signs of slowly awakening.Difficult to say the least which is why his yelps of pain could be heard echoing around the hillside.Before anyone phones the RSPCA there is one thing to remember about Zeb, he’s a big baby, you only have to tap him and he goes off on one and on this occasion a tap was all he had but true to form he went off on one.The tor itself is what one could only describe as pathetic, no craggy outcrops, no lofty stacks on which eagles nest, just simply a scatter of boulders and a couple of large flat slabs of granite.However they make for a nice resting place where one can get one’s breath back whilst savouring the taste of a Marlboro cigarette.These were erected during World War II to prevent Nazi gliders from landing, today they are mere matchsticks compared to their younger day.

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From Kingshead Tor ’tis but a short hike to the top of the ridge which climbs a steady 170 feet.

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This dishevelled pile of rocks has been over the centuries put to many uses, originally it would have been used as a prehistoric In a document of the 1500s this spot was recorded as a point on the Natsworthy Manor bounds and was called Fyerbicken which clearly means ‘fire beacon’, (Hemery, 1983, p.629).

In 1566 the point was recorded as ‘Fire Beacon’ which in 1659 was once again changed to ‘Fire Barrow’, (Brewer, 2002, p.85).

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